They combine comedy, acting, slapstick, action, magic, circus skills, juggling and a refreshing portion of situational comedy in a show among the audience. They walk from table to table and perform for smaller or bigger groups, or for the whole audience.

The actors react to the audience according to the situation, and they deliver a brilliant performance that people will be talking about for a long time. It is a mini-vaudeville show that works even where there is very little space, and it can even be topic related if you wish.

Whether as Duo-classic, crazy waiters, comical security service, funny paramedics, cardsharper, butler, black marketeer or in different characters, the performers are waiting to entertain your guests. THE walkact-highlight for galas and trade-fairs. This performance requires no technical equipment whatsoever.

The actors can also perform in English, and they have the best references.